Hi Friends! My name is Tracee and I am a graphic brand designer and certified wedding planner based in Atlanta, GA.  After spending years in corporate America, I decided it was time to pursue another aspect of my passion for design. I LUV designing! Whether it is branding websites or wedding branding, they all make me extremely happy.  I have a Bachelors Management and Marketing, an MBA from Norwich University, and a certification in Wedding Planning from The Bridal Society.  

 Because of my background, I love project management and the business side of things, which allows me to guide my clients in a way that makes the process easy and enjoyable. I am passionate about creating brands for entrupreneurs. When I first entered the creative industry, I learned pretty quickly how important branding my business was. It was survival of the fittest and I had to make sure my brand fit. So, my goals turned to making sure other entrepreneurs are prepared to enter their chosen industry with the best branding platform for their business.